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Merry Christmas Tree Farm
244 Lay Bridge Rd.
Central, SC 29630
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We provide the Shaking, baling, and loading!

The Merry Christmas Tree Farm provides:

A refreshing and classic old fashioned choose and cut farm experience.

The LEYLAND & MURRAY CYPRESSES are particularly impressive and range from Table Top up to ten or twelve feet. We have two varieties of Leylands, one of which is very full and symmetrical, the more open and with somewhat stronger branches. The Leyland is a lovely species which holds ornaments up to medium weight and which doesn't shed needles. We have a number of Leyland's that were not trimmed this fall, producing a lovely, natural shape, which many of our customers like.

We have very fine EASTERN WHITE PINES, soft and full, in sizes up to eight feet. The White Pine is a long-term favorite in this area. It has excellent needle retention, lasts very well in the house, and holds ornaments up to moderate or even heavy weight. Due to the droughts and popularity of this tree, our inventory is limited in the larger sizes (over eight feet). We have planted a large number of White Pines the past two years, trying to catch up on the demand!

The exotic CAROLINA BLUE SAPPHIRE'S bluish hue may remind you of ice, snow and cold winter days. It is a relatively new offering from our farm, and is gaining in popularity. We have only a few left while the small ones are growing. They range from six to twelve feet. They hold ornaments up to moderate weight.

Our FRASER FIRS from the cool mountains of North Carolina will be freshly cut and very lovely. They are aromatic, have exceptionally strong branches and good needle retention. We are careful to store them in shade and to stand them in water pans for display in order to assure freshness. We'll have plentiful supplies up to six, seven, and eight, feet. 
     Please call or email us if you're looking for an nine to twelve foot tree. We have a limited number of the lot, and usually can get larger trees from our supplier, especially prior to the Thanksgiving weekend.

We have limited supplies of the traditional BLUE ICEEASTERN RED CEDAR and VIRGINIA PINES

CHARLIE BROWN TREES: Taking their name from the popular comic strip character, these modest little trees are available to authentic children at no charge.

We have a selection of fragrant WREATHS to choose from, made from boughs of the beautiful Fraser Fir. Our wreaths are freshly made right here on the farm. Furthermore, we have a varied selection of TREE STANDS and other CHRISTMAS SUPPLIES for your holiday needs!

CLEANING AND BALING: Once you have selected your tree, we will clean it with our shaking machines, then bale it to make it easier to put in a car trunk and then into a tree stand. These services are provided at no charge as one of our ways of saying "Thank You" for purchasing your tree with us.

 YULE STAND SYSTEM:  We can drill your tree for use with the Yule Stand system now available at the farm.  The Stands are made of rebar, super strong, and hold an ample amount of water.

 FREE  HOT CHOCOLATE: For those cold November and December days, nothing feels better than a nice cup of hot chocolate--a tasty treat for all the young at heart, compliments of the farm!

We GUARANTEE SATISFACTION with your tree, or we offer a cheerful exchange.

Call us at (864)639-5888, or email us at Please feel free to pass this information along to many, many(!) of your friends.

Best wishes for a blessed Christmas and Holiday Season.

P.S. Remember, nothing says CHRISTMAS like a real CHRISTMAS TREE!